Defence Sector

Akhter has served Ministry of Defence clients since 1985.

Akhter is fully in tune with the pressures of sourcing to the 'best-value' and 'price-performance' stipulations of government procurement guidelines.

Akhter Computers Ltd works in partnership with the MoD to deliver the most appropriate solutions together with a fast and flexible service, whether you need a specially designed network, bespoke components or an order of PC’s rushed to an airfield for an overseas exercise, you can trust Akhter to deliver.

Akhter are enabled suppliers for Lots 1, 2 3, & 4 on TePAs Rm6068 and Framework and Rm 6147 Lot 1 Marketplace - Information Assured Products and Lot 6 - Catalogue commoditised technology to the Crown Commercial Service Technology Products 2 agreement for the supply of technology goods and/ or closely related services for use by UK public sector organisations.

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