Mobile Self Powered Secure Communications Crypto Device

The Bulldog is a PRIME Layer 3 IP capable of Suite A & B operation, providing the ultimate protection for data in transit when used in conjunction with
COTs devices ranging from Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones.
The small form factor units are available in two formats, SoHo(Small Office Home Office) & Wi-Fi, that are fully self-powered, giving the end user
complete flexibility and ability to apply it to a wider scenario of use case applications targeting tactical data sensitive requirements.

The SoHo unit with RJ45 port provides a physical wired connection to the COTs device and the network/router.

The Wi-Fi unit with USB connection provides a physical wired connection to the COTs device and the dual 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz wireless connection is configurable to WAN/LAN WIFI or Hotspot.

Viasat can incorporate the Bulldog into a wide range of secure mobility solutions.

Whether working from home, remote offices or in temporary field locations there is an imperative for assured, network resilient, secure
communications and information systems to connect government officials, military commanders and responders. In all cases, without the need to
compromise on security or comply with restrictive operational procedures, data in transit requirement can be met be it voice, video or data transfer.

Embedded security solutions

Intelligent, programmable Type 1 cryptographic security

Viasat’s embeddable security modules protect Top-Secret and below data and communications by providing flexible, affordable, accredited cryptography for a wide range of government and military applications, including:

Tactical unmanned systems

Handheld communications

Weaponized platforms

Sensor networks

Data At Rest (DAR) encryption solutions

Protecting your most valuable and sensitive data where you are most vulnerable

Designed to secure the highest level of sensitive data for platforms and applications in militaries and governments and other entities in the public or private sectors.

Millions of computers are lost or stolen every year. Protecting valuable data is more important than ever. The Viasat DAR product range includes evaluated, encrypted solid state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs), utilising hardware encryption for the highest level of security for End User Devices (EUDs) within the public and private sectors.