RAF St. Mawgan’s Cinema Case Study

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“The systems fantastic and I greatly appreciate your expertise and help, and look forward to more engagement and future AVTE installations with the Akhter Computers, Thanks Again”  – Simon Damms| Warrant Officer | Churchill Bldg. RAF St Mawgan

RAF St Mawgan in Cornwall is a No 22 (Training) Group Station that provides a platform for future and current operations in the south west. The Station is home to the Defence Survive, Evade, Resist, Extract (SERE) Training Organisation and trains around 5,000 personnel from around Defence each year. RAF St Mawgan supports or employs around 3,000 personnel across the region.

The project involves upgrading the presentation projector and implementing a control system in the Astra cinema hall. The client’s objective is to enhance the overall audiovisual experience for both cinema screenings and training events. Additionally, the client aims to establish a hybrid meeting environment that caters to wired and wireless presentations. One crucial aspect of the project is the capability to record entire meetings or events locally and facilitate the transfer of recorded content to external media devices as needed.

The Astra cinema hall is a versatile venue with a unique usage pattern. It hosts cinema screenings every Monday and Wednesday evening, with the doors opening at 7:00 PM for a 7:30 PM start. Furthermore, the venue features a family film matinee every third Sunday, commencing at 10:30 AM after the doors open at 10:00 AM. Beyond these specific screening times, the cinema hall is predominantly utilised for training purposes. It is important to note that during these events, there is no access to the general public, highlighting the importance of tailoring the upgraded system to meet the client’s specific needs and requirements.


Astra Cinema currently faces several challenges related to its audio-visual equipment, projectors, and control system. The existing setup includes a Barco cinema projector with a dedicated 7.1 Dolby surround sound system for cinema shows and an Epson projector used for briefing and training presentations. The Epson projector lacks a dedicated sound system and exhibits subpar picture quality. Additionally, the control panel from the lectern doesn’t function correctly. Moreover, authorised personnel must physically access the cinema projection room from the ticket counter downstairs to manually switch sound inputs, leading to inefficiencies during presentations and cinema shows.


For the past 15 years, Akhter has been a trusted partner in delivering high-quality AV installations at RAF St. Mawgan. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has recently culminated in an exciting project at Shackleton Mess within RAF St. Mawgan, which has paved the way for us to secure the prestigious RAF St. Mawgan Cinema AV project.

In undertaking this project, we encountered a unique set of challenges. The existing AV system was aging and no longer met the standards of modern technology and capabilities. To address this issue, Akhter embarked on a comprehensive overhaul, replacing outdated equipment and revamping the entire setup to ensure a state-of-the-art audio-visual experience.

Key elements of the Akhter solution

Unveiling the Power of Matrix Switcher, HD Recorder, and Streaming Media Processor for Seamless Display Video Management

Akhter installed a versatile 4 x 2 Matrix switcher, enabling seamless routing and distribution of audio and video signals. To capture the high-definition content, we integrated a 2CH HD Recorder and a state-of-the-art Streaming Media Processor into the system. This powerful combination allows for live recording, switching and archiving, ensuring that your content is accessible whenever it’s needed.

The HD Streaming Media Processor can seamlessly capture document presentations and live PTZ camera feeds simultaneously, allowing for dynamic and engaging content delivery.

For displaying the video, we have utilised a 10K Lumens Projector ensures a bright and clear image for impactful presentations and collaborative sessions and add a 75” 4k UHD repeater screen to extend the viewing area.

RAF St Mawgan

Seamless Audio Integration using Existing Cinema Dolby Sound System

In an effort to reduce the costs and maintain the superior Dolby audio quality of the cinema sound system, Akhter utilised the existing Dolby Sound Processor for presentations. This approach ensures that you can enjoy the same exceptional audio experience during presentations without the need for a separate audio system.

With the integration of the Dolby Sound Processor into our AV solution, clients have the flexibility to switch between cinema and presentation audio modes directly from the lectern control panel. This ease of control ensures a seamless transition between the two modes, aligning with the specific needs of the client’s events.

When a presentation concludes, the AV setup will automatically revert back to cinema mode, sparing users the need for manual adjustments. This automation streamlines the process, making it convenient for all users.

Akhter Control Panel

RAF St Mawgan Cinema Akhter Control Panel

We understand the importance of user-friendly control. Akhter has programmed the control panel to align with the client’s specific requirements, making it effortless to access the full potential of presentations and hybrid meetings. Clients can effortlessly switch between inputs and manage all the functionalities as needed, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Our solution also designed for BYOD/MODNET laptops, offering a USB-C docking station and a HDMI faceplate for seamless device compatibility. Strategically placed on the lectern, it ensures a clean workspace with neatly routed cables.

Wireless Presentation

Embracing modern technology, Akhter has integrated a Barco receiver and dongle, enabling wireless presentations without the need for complex network infrastructure. This feature enhances flexibility and ease of use, allowing presenters to share content effortlessly.

RAF St Mawgan Cinema Wireless Presentation

AI Auto Tracking 21x 4K PTZ Camera Integration

As part of our comprehensive AV solution, Akhter has incorporated an AI Auto Tracking 21x 4K PTZ Camera. By integrating the AI Auto Tracking 21x 4K PTZ Camera, Akhter not only enhances the quality of live presentations but also provides a seamless connection to hybrid meetings. The ability to switch between manual and auto tracking modes from the control panel ensures that users have complete control over their AV experience, creating a dynamic and user-friendly solution for all your presentation and meeting needs.

RAF St Mawgan


Akhter Professional services

Akhter Professional Services initiated the project with a comprehensive site survey, meticulously assessing the client’s location for specific requirements, potential challenges, and ideal equipment placement. The survey laid the groundwork for a customized solution designed to meet the unique needs of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) environment.

The installation process was seamlessly managed by Akhter’s project management team, ensuring efficiency and a smooth workflow. Drawing on their extensive experience in MoD environments, the highly skilled installation team was involved in a high-level technical design process to address the unique challenges posed by the client’s setting.

Akhter’s installation team executed the full installation with precision and expertise, ensuring that each component of the AV system was integrated seamlessly. The team’s familiarity with MoD environments allowed them to navigate any unforeseen challenges that arose during the installation process.

Following the successful installation, setup, and configuration, Akhter’s engineers conducted a comprehensive demonstration of the AV system’s functionality. During this hands-on session, the client’s personnel were walked through the various features and functionalities of the system.


The implementation of Akhter AV Systems has ushered in a new era of possibilities, significantly elevating both the cinema and presentation experiences at RAF St. Mawgan. These advanced systems have proven particularly adept at accommodating the demands of hybrid learning, providing an all-encompassing AV solution for various purposes.

RAF St. Mawgan is delighted with the value for money and the reliable, robust performance delivered by its Akhter AV solution. The satisfaction of our client is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. In line with RAF St. Mawgan’s vision, we are proud to announce that over the next five years, we plan to continue our partnership, with a goal of achieving 100% coverage across the facility. This includes the completion of the new building and the upgrade of an additional room with Akhter AV solutions. This ongoing collaboration underlines our shared commitment to delivering top-tier AV experiences and future-proofing RAF St. Mawgan’s audio-visual capabilities.