Modular IT Desking Solutions

Desk8 is a modular interlocking system that can build thousands of different layouts.

Download the Akhter Desk8 brochure.

Its durability means that your investment will be a long-term one, as you can retain the same furniture over many years through multiple classroom revamps.

Desk8 provides a functional, robust, safe environment with secure storage for valuable IT equipment via three methods all of which are available in Rectangular or Trapezoidal style desks.

Akhter octagon desk with computers

Security & Safety

  • Secure storage for PC, Monitor or Notebook.
  • Cable management minimises risk.
  • Lockable security box keeps notebook off desk.

Multi-Purpose Classroom

  • Numerous layouts using straight runs or shapes.
  • Desk space kept free with secure IT storage.
  • Easily switch from IT work to normal lessons.

Value For Money

  • Modular, re-useable, economically priced.
  • Non IT versions can be upgraded later.
  • Re-Configure layouts to meet new demands.
  • Flexibility ensures a future proof investment.

Quality Design

  • Imaginative design - attractive appearance.
  • Choice of Rectangle or Trapezoid desks.
  • Designed for strength, safety and durability.
  • Epoxy coated steel and 25mm Melamine MDF.

The Computer Desk with All the Advantages

  • The AIO (All In One) Computer retracts in to the desk.
  • Screen height, tilt and swivel adjustment.
  • Desktop slides forward to reveal the AIO Computer.
  • The AIO Computer stows away out of sight when not in use.
  • Leaves the desk clear so it can be used as a regular lesson desk.
Download the Akhter Desk8 brochure

Akhter desk 8 plus in working position image

Desk8 Plus in working position.

Akhter desk 8 plus screen height adjustment image

Screen height adjustment.

Akhter desk 8 plus reveal computer image

Desktop slides forward to reveal computer.

Akhter desk 8 plus image

Computer stored away out of sight leaving a completely clear desk Desktop can be locked to aid security.