RMAS Sandhurst Case Study

RMAS Sandhurst case study

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in Surrey is where all officers in the British Army are trained to take on the responsibilities of leading the soldiers under their command.


RMAS Sandhurst wanted to upgrade its learning strategy using technology to instruct its officer cadets. Akhter supported the ICS team in Sandhurst to find a new solution for cadets to access their training materials quickly and easily.


Akhter Computers supplied 820 Acer Iconia W510P Tablet Computers including a managed service option for the Officer training Academy at Sandhurst (RMAS). The Tablets were issued to cadets to allow them as part of their training access to the Defence Learning Portal.

Prior to deployment and as part of the process, Akhter in consultation with the Army developed a “Tablet Image” that contained all the necessary applications that was needed for the cadet training. The MDT image was then deployed to all units prior to deployment. Following the deployment of the 820 Tablets, Akhter were responsible for the day to day management of the units remotely using the Microsoft Intune Cloud service. This allowed the deployment of Microsoft Windows updates, application updates, new antivirus definitions files and device monitoring. All Tablets are managed via the remote Akhter / Microsoft Intune Cloud Service. Real time monitoring of the devices guaranteed maximum benefits to the cadets.

Providing a SPOC for continued hardware, software and service support.


The tablets include all the necessary applications the cadets need to complete their course – developed and customised in consultation with the British Army.

Our engineers also remotely maintain and monitor the devices, including installing Microsoft Windows updates, application updates and new antivirus updates. Akhter’s dedicated SPOC will also provide help desk support, hardware warranty support and answer service queries during normal business hours with extended telephone support for cadets outside normal business hours.

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