Akhter’s Mobile Power Solutions

AKA1500 portable power station

We offer a range of products such as portable generators, solar power systems, and battery packs to meet the power needs of customers on the go. Whether you are camping, working remotely, or in need of emergency backup power, Akhter Computers has a solution for you.

Ruggedised portable power station

Lithium-ion batteries solution

Akhter’s Lithium-ion batteries solution range has adopted high strength aluminium alloys body. Its safety and reliability have been approved by our R&D team long time testing. This range can be used for any electric devices charging such as medical equipment, emergency relief, outdoor activities, UAV drone battery, self- drive travelling, family backup power, lighting, military etc.

AKA1500 Portable Solar Generator brochure

Lithium phosphate batteries solution

Normal lithium-ion battery can cause explosions, fire and have a cycle life less than 500 times. The Akhter AKA2400 to AKA5200 ruggedised portable power station range uses Lithium phosphate battery that prevents the issues that the lithium-ion batteries have and has a cycle life between 5000 and 6000 times. Additionally This range can be deployed in the field to power a number of different products.

AKA2400 Portable Solar Generator brochure

AKA3600 Portable Solar Generator brochure

AKA5200 Portable Solar Generator brochure

Akhter’s rugged deployed data centre with integral data sources solution

Rugged deployed data centre with integral data sources