DCLPA at Worthy Down Case Study

Worthy Down front entrance case study

Worthy Down is part of the Defense services in the UK, focusing on personnel admin training for the Army, Navy and RAF (Tri-Service). The campus hosts around 1,000 students with multiple on-site classrooms and lecture theatres while housing other services.

Akhter installed a campus wide, fully interactive, audio / visual digital signage solution to “Worthy Down”.


The goal was to improve communications around the campus with a new cloud-based digital signage system.

Worthy Down case study


Using Clevertouch’s CM Series commercial displays, Pico media players and free-to-use CleverLive cloudbased system to upload new content quickly and easily to the cloud-based digital signage system. In total there was 60 CM Series commercial displays and Pico players that were installed around the campus.

Pico media players are a piece of kit that supports multiple zones for digital signage and connects with the CleverLive cloud platform to deliver a management system that can control one or more displays across any number of sites, anywhere in the world. In addition to this Pico media players can create a playlist based on times, dates.

The new Clevertouch digital signage is used campus-wide from the catering block to update menus throughout the day, welfare notices and charity events that are taking place throughout the day. Clevertouch’s CM Series Commercial Displays and Pico media players replaced the traditional cardboard posters and ageing complicated signage screens. Way finder screens are placed at convenient points around the campus to easily help guests, customers and staff to navigate around the campus. All the products that are used in the solution were project managed and installed by the Akhter’s Professional Services team.

Worthy Down signage case study

What Worthy Down had to say

“We wanted to move away from the current digital signage system that was a laborious job of walking to each screen and uploading content from a USB stick, and we never knew if they were offline until we were in front of the screen. Clevertouch’s CleverLive system allows us to see the health of the screen online and update content quickly and easily from our desks. We log in every morning and check for issues.” -Worthy Down’s Information Manager – Matthew Gosling.

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