Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM) Case Study

Office of Gas and Electricity Markets


Ofgem is a non-ministerial government department and an independent National Regulatory which
functions and duties in relation to the gas and electricity industries. The principal objective when
carrying out the functions is to protect the interests of existing and future electricity and gas
To facilitate digital and hybrid working, Ofgem plans to upgrade their outdated fixed (floor/wall
mounted) interactive whiteboards with a feature-rich interactive whiteboard designed for teambased collaboration. These upgrades will be implemented across three locations in the UK: London,
Cardiff, and Glasgow. Ofgem also have a need for mobile (trolley based) interactive whiteboard that
can be moved around the office in Cardiff at this time and may be required at a future time in other
offices. These interactive whiteboard supports are inclusive way of working by empowering their
The new interactive whiteboards must bring together whiteboarding, video conferencing and
projection, and must integrate seamlessly with Windows 10, Microsoft Teams, Office, and OneNote.


For the last two decades, Akhter has been a reliable partner in providing professional, State-Of-Art AV installations across the Defence, Healthcare, and Education sectors.
While tackling this project, we faced distinct challenges due to the outdated collaboration system that no longer aligned with contemporary technological standards. Following detailed discussions, site inspections, and planning sessions, Ofgem chose Akhter with confidence as its preferred audio-visual partner for the project.

The Akhter team began by conducting an exhaustive site survey, gaining a deep understanding of the areas, discussing the project schedule, reviewing proposed floor plans, showcasing various equipment options, and exploring cost-effective solutions.
Following comprehensive discussions, we presented Ofgem stakeholders with a detailed proposal including Scope of Work (SoW), project plans, elevations, and equipment specifications. Upon reviewing the proposal, Ofgem approved the engagement of the contractor to proceed.

Enhance Collaboration with Native Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR)

Previously, Ofgem’s hybrid meeting spaces encountered daily challenges due to the absence of a unified control system and modern collaborative interactive screens. This led to difficulties in managing and participating in meetings, forcing users to rely on outdated screens equipped with built-in cameras, speakers, and microphones. As a result, users frequently sought technical support from an already overburdened IT department.
To address these challenges, Akhter proposes the implementation of a Microsoft Teams-centric environment integrated with interactive whiteboards by deploying native Microsoft Teams Rooms within the organisation. This solution aims to create a modern and efficient meeting environment that fosters collaboration, improves communication, and boosts productivity. By leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Teams Rooms, Ofgem’s team collaboration can be elevated to the next level.
Each meeting space is now equipped with Yealink all-in-one 4K high-quality video conferencing bars and user-friendly MTR touch panels. The Native integration with Microsoft Teams enables real-time collaboration, instant messaging, and file sharing, facilitating effective communication among team members. A series of C-touch interactive whiteboards have been integrated to facilitate high-quality whiteboard collaboration via Microsoft Teams. This not only enables users to utilize the whiteboard for Teams meetings but also enhances their presentation capabilities, thereby improving the overall meeting experience.

Akhter have also introduced a centralised cloud control system that allows an admin user from Ofgem to monitor all screens and Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) in real-time. This enables instant troubleshooting, firmware updates, and proactive maintenance. Moreover, admin will receive notifications if any device develops a fault, allowing them to resolve issues before meetings start.

Akhter Professional services

To ensure alignment with the customer deadlines, Akhter Professional Services appointed a dedicated project manager. This ensured the seamless management of the installation process. Leveraging their extensive experience in public sector environments, Akhter’s highly skilled installation team engaged in a high-level technical design process to tackle the unique challenges presented by the client’s environment.
Akhter’s installation team executed the full installation with precision and expertise. They ensured that each component of the Audio-Visual (AV) system was integrated seamlessly. The team’s familiarity with Ofgem environments enabled them to adeptly navigate any unexpected challenges encountered during the installation.
After the successful installation, setup, and configuration, Akhter’s engineers provided a comprehensive demonstration of the AV system’s functionality. During this interactive session, the client’s personnel were guided through the various features and capabilities of the system.


The implementation of Akhter AV Systems has opened up a new realm of opportunities, greatly improving operations throughout Ofgem. These advanced systems have demonstrated remarkable adaptability to the demands of hybrid learning, offering a comprehensive AV solution for various applications.
Ofgem is highly satisfied with the value for money and the reliable, robust performance provided by its Akhter AV solution. The client’s satisfaction stands as a testament to Akhter’s commitment to excellence and innovation in delivering high-quality AV solutions.
By choosing Akhter Professional Services, Ofgem has not only received a state-of-the-art AV system but also a reliable and dedicated partner committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance.