Akhter’s video wall Solutions

Off the shelf led video walls

Akhter's Video Wall displays delivers a complete and packaged LED solution at a price that is comparable to a legacy LCD video wall. Simply select the Full HD resolution video wall size that best suits the environment and application, and receive the complete package of LED display cabinets, video controller, cables, spare modules and wall mounts, all included.

Akhter 370 inch 4k uhd led video wall intregrated with akhter command control solution


Akhter's Video Walls feature front-side installation and serviceability for easier access and installation versatility. As less physical space is required behind the video wall display, it is a great option for a wider variety of application environments. With front-access and install depth of less than four inches the video wall displays can fit into any environment, minimizing footprint and maximizing floor space.

Akhter 370 inch 4k uhd led video wall with toucan bird

Akhter 370 inch 4k uhd led video wall with rhino

Key Features:

Large-Scale Display:

The Video Wall consists of multiple screens arranged in a matrix, creating a massive display surface for visual content.


Each screen has a high-resolution display, ensuring crystal-clear images and video playback.

Video Conferencing:

The system supports video conferencing software, allowing for seamless connections with remote participants.

Content Sharing:

Users can share presentations, documents, and other multimedia content with ease.

Real-Time Updates:

The Video Wall can be updated in real-time, making it ideal for dynamic displays and announcements.


Immersive Experience:

The large-scale display creates an immersive experience for audiences, making presentations and videos more engaging.

Enhanced Communication:

Video conferencing capabilities facilitate seamless communication with remote teams and clients.

Increased Productivity:

The system allows for efficient content sharing and collaboration, boosting productivity and efficiency.


Reduces the need for multiple screens and projectors, saving costs on hardware and maintenance.


The modular design allows for easy rearrangement of screens to accommodate different configurations and events.

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