Akhter’s Command and Control Solution Joint Military Command and Headquarters London District Case Study

Background to Requirement

The London Operations Rooms comprise two essential operational units: the London Military Operations Room and the Horse Guard Operations Room. These facilities are instrumental in maintaining situational awareness, facilitating planning, and coordinating UK operations and all of the ceremonial parades.
The existing infrastructure of the Operations Rooms included a central AV system. However, this outdated system was becoming increasingly obsolete and failed to support the latest media input/output devices, such as DisplayPort and HDMI. Installed a decade ago to support Op OLYMPICS in 2011/12, the system relied on analogue technologies. The absence of a maintenance and repair contract meant that the responsibility for system upkeep fell on HQ LONDIST, with the functionality of support expected to diminish over time.

“Very happy with the level of service provided throughout the whole project. Several meetings and visits to ensure the plan was correct… Overall, the project delivery was expected of a company like AKHTER… and I look forward to working with them again on the next project.” – WO1 Craig Douglass AAC | District Signals Warrant Officer | HQ London District

Scope of Requirement

A technical upgrade was needed for the outdated system in the London Military Operations Centre (LMOC) at Wellington Barracks. The LMOC comprises three rooms: the Operations Room, the Plans Room, and the Commanders Room.
The new system must have the capability to simultaneously display multiple diverse sources across 16 different screens. These displays should offer clear and visible content to an assembled group at distances of up to 20 meters. Additionally, the system should support the display and manipulation of data during collaborative planning sessions and provide live feeds to ensure staff maintain situational awareness and command control during live operations.


For the past 20 years, Akhter has been a trusted partner in delivering high-quality AV installations in the UK defence sector. In undertaking this project, we encountered a unique set of challenges. The previous AV system was outdated and did not meet contemporary technological standards or capabilities. It failed to deliver the clear visuals expected today, with the signal degrading incrementally with each meter of cable.
To address this issue, the Akhter team began by conducting an exhaustive site survey, gaining a deep understanding of the areas, discussing the project schedule, reviewing proposed floor plans, showcasing various equipment options, and exploring cost-effective solutions.
Following comprehensive discussions, we presented HQ LONDIST with a detailed proposal, including Scope of Work (SoW), project plans, elevations, and equipment specifications. Upon reviewing the proposal, HQ LONDIST approved the contractor’s engagement to proceed.

Akhter embarked on a comprehensive overhaul, replacing outdated equipment and revamping the entire setup to ensure a state-of-the-art audio-visual experience. In our commitment to delivering a comprehensive solution, we meticulously analyse the Statement of Requirements to comprehend client needs and expectations.
Akhter provides an in-house pre-configured solution tailored for the London Military Operations Room. The new setup facilitates seamless routing and distribution of audio and video signals, enabling users to showcase multiple input feeds across various output devices, such as three 98″ displays for quad and single display and six 43″ displays for single display. This versatility allows clients to customise displayed feeds according to their specific needs, ensuring situational awareness and effective planning and coordination for UK Operations’ command and control activities.

Akhter Control Panel

Akhter collaborated closely with the London Military Operation Centre and developed a new command control user interface. This interface was designed to enable staff to efficiently understand and operate it during live operations. After comprehensive discussions with the LMOC, Akhter programmers created a tailored, user-friendly interface that meets the demands of live military command and control scenarios. Akhter installed a dedicated touch panel in each operation room to facilitate the sharing of feeds across rooms. This allows users to access any desired feed from any room and display it in their current location, enabling the commanding officer to make real-time decisions based on the displayed data, resulting in a seamless and intuitive control room experience.
Additionally, our solution is compatible with BYOD/MODNET laptops through the use of a MoDnet USB-C docking station and an HDMI faceplate, ensuring seamless device integration. Strategically positioned on the desk, it promotes a tidy workspace with organised cable routing.

Akhter Professional services

Akhter Professional Services initiated the project with a comprehensive site survey, meticulously assessing the client’s location for specific requirements, potential challenges, and ideal equipment placement. The survey laid the groundwork for a customised solution designed to meet the unique needs of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) environment.
The installation process was seamlessly managed by Akhter’s project management team, ensuring efficiency and a smooth workflow. Drawing on their extensive experience in MoD environments, the highly skilled installation team was involved in a high-level technical design process to address the unique challenges posed by the client’s setting.
Akhter’s installation team executed the full installation with precision and expertise, ensuring that each component of the AV system was integrated seamlessly. The team’s familiarity with MoD environments allowed them to navigate any unforeseen challenges that arose during the installation process.
Following the successful installation, setup, and configuration, Akhter’s engineers conducted a comprehensive demonstration of the AV system’s functionality. During this hands-on session, the client’s personnel were walked through the various features and functionalities of the system.
At Akhter, we go above and beyond to develop lasting relationships with our clients, and this includes working closely with them to resolve problems and ensure they get a solution they want that is available to them and that functions as intended. Whilst this seems a usual and sensible business practice to us, it is not always a priority for other businesses.