VTC (Video Technology Conferencing)

VTC stands for Video Technology Conferencing, which refers to the use of video technology to facilitate communication and meetings between individuals or groups who are not physically present in the same location.

VTC solutions can range from simple video chat applications to more complex systems that support large-scale virtual meetings with multiple participants, screen sharing, recording capabilities, and other features. Some popular VTC solutions include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, and Skype.

Conference rooms

Ensure everyone can be seen and heard clearly with solutions for traditional conference rooms feature a front-of-room camera, touch controller, and add-ons to extend meeting capture deeper in the room.

Huddle space

Easily deploy video meetings in smaller spaces for quick collaboration and ad-hoc meetings with solutions that are simple to set up and deploy at scale.

Ideation space

Facilitate brainstorming and creative ideation across distributed teams with intuitive and interactive solutions built for open and dynamic spaces.

Immersive video rooms

In rooms designed for video conferencing, furniture design and camera placement allow in-room participants to be better seen and captured.

USB solutions

Simple to set-up, easy to use.

Just bring your laptop, plug in, and enjoy the luxury of professional quality audio and video with the familiarity of the apps you use every day.