Interactive LED Screens

Interactive LEDs are made from shadow free, high resolution, anti-glare glass

Interactive LED flat pane displays range from 40” to 90” 4k ultra HD, support high density information and help to deliver a premium student/teacher experience, integrated Wi-fi provides a fluid digital teaching environment for the digital classroom.

Features include: comprehensive 5 Years on-site warranty, Integrated Speakers, reduced maintenance, improved interaction and a life cycle in excess of 20 years. Supplied with the manufacture’s own IWB software as well as being compatible with industry standard software: SMART, Promethean, Hitachi, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Powered by Android or Conventional PC module options.

There is an interactive screen option for every educational environment. Complete collaboration in the Classroom allowing you to browse the web without the need to connect to a PC.


INTERACTIVE Screens from SMART - SMART Board 6000 series with iQ

Extend your interactive capabilities with the 6000 series - Available in 5 different sizes from 48" to 94" The most popular SMART Board, the 6000 series now includes exclusive iQ technology, the hub of today’s classrooms unifying displays, software and personal devices into one cohesive experience.

The SMART Board’s built-in iQ technology puts everything you need in one place, available at the touch of a finger. There’s no need for wires and cables. The embedded computer offers one-touch access to the robust SMART Learning Suite applications for interactive lessons, game-based activities and online co-creation. There’s also access to collaboration tools, like the built-in web browser and wireless screen sharing.

clever touch


Designed for education, the Plus Series is easy to use, highly functional and full of features. Combining superior connectivity, innovative software and a simple user interface, the Plus Series allows complete collaboration in the classroom.

Clevertouch have combined superior connectivity, innovative software, and a simple user interface to create their most enhanced model yet. Plus Series screens feature a dual-platform interface and a cross-platform connectivity structure, allowing complete collaboration in the classroom.

Built specifically for the demanding school, college and university environment, the Plus Series is built without compromise. An all metal frame, 4mm safety glass and an industry leading warranty guarantees that Clevertouch will be enhancing your classroom for many years.



The world's first upgradeable android based interactive display

ActivPanel is powered by an external Android-based Mini PC that creates a captivating, tablet-like experience. This unique design enables schools to upgrade the device’s performance over time to keep pace with rapid advances in computing technology.

You can even download and access apps directly from your home screen. The new ActivPanel connects you to the vast, ever-expanding world of educational apps.



TOUCH promotes 21st century skills

New technologies come and go at a rapid pace, companies and their employees must constantly adapt to these changes. To prepare for this, it is important for young people to learn 21st-century skills at school, these vital skills, including creative thinking, collaboration and basic ICT skills, will help students be successful in the society.

Touchscreen brings the Connected Classroom to Life. If you are working to develop your students’ 21st-century skills, CTOUCH will help you make progress. Touchscreens stimulate interactive learning and improve collaboration, allowing students to work on their ICT literacy, creativity and communication skills.

You can pair tablets, smartphones and laptops with the touchscreen, allowing you to make your lessons even more interactive and encourage your students to play an active role.



65" Education Interactive Flat Panel Display - RP653

The RP653 can help you foster a learning environment that is fun, healthy and interactive. With a 65-inch germ-resistant AG+ Screen, coupled with proficient annotation tools, the RP653 is an ideal interactive display for teaching in a small-to-medium-sized classroom. Formed with teacher-friendly design, the RP653 is your ultimate partner to achieve a touch-enhanced, smooth and fun learning experience.

The RP653 allows you to capture and share ideas, the EZWrite 3.0 annotation app, powered with an array of cooperation and annotation tools, is specially designed to inspire your class interaction and participation. To instantly activate EZWrite 3.0, you can either tap the app on the screen, or simply tap your interactive flat panel’s NFC sensor with the NFCPen and write your notes providing a smooth teaching flow.


INTERACTIVE Screens from AVOCOR Solutions for Education

Avocor Note by Nureva™ is an easy to use whiteboarding application that comes pre-loaded with a comprehensive range of interactive tools. With a selection of professionally created backgrounds, images and icons, the software has been specially designed to enable every user to create professional looking whiteboard content.

Avocor Note by Nureva works beautifully with Avocor Intelligent Touch technology, fully supporting object awareness, including pen, finger and palm recognition. Content created in the software can be easily shared with others, either as a complete whiteboard session page, individually as images or the whole file printed as a PDF file for quick and easy distribution anywhere in the world.

Content can also be brought in and shared through the ever-popular Microsoft Share Charm into and from other applications, such as OneNote and Microsoft EDGE, for further collaboration. Avocor Note by Nureva comes as standard with all Avocor interactive displays.



65" Interactive 4K UHD LCD Touchscreen with integration annotated software

The TE6568MIS-B1AG is a perfect solution for educational and corporate use. Its 65’’ infrared 20-point touchscreen with integrated interactive note writing software allows users to make annotations on files opened directly from a USB device or internal memory. The display also supports playback of presentations, high-resolution video and almost any other type of content stored on a USB device or internal memory.

The high-quality commercial IPS LCD screen with a 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 - 8.3 megapixel) and a contrast ratio of 1200:1 guarantees stunning images with superb image quality from anywhere in the classroom or meeting room. The anti-glare coating drastically reduces ambient reflection in high brightness environments without compromising the sharpness and clarity of the image. The screen has a 24/7 non-stop operating time and is equipped with 4 mm thick glass to ensure a long durability in high-use environments.

Share, stream and edit content from any device directly on screen and transform your team meetings or lessons into an easy, fast and seamless interactive session with our additional WIFI module (OWM001).