Project Management

Akhter offers a comprehensive package of Consulting and Professional Services which spans core infrastructures, both on-premise and hosted, ensuring you can benefit at all times from the best possible solutions delivered in the most effective manner. Our Services include:

Project Management

  • Capturing & reviewing all the disparate parts of the Requirement
  • Building a comprehensive and concise document set to cover all aspects of the project
  • Oversee the design and accreditation requirements of the entire solution
  • Manage the security aspects
  • Oversee and co-ordinate all aspects of the build
  • Oversee Cabling Requirements
  • Co-ordinate and deploy the appropriate level of security cleared project workforce in line with work priorities
  • Oversee the integration of applications as applicable
  • Oversee the Validation & Performance testing of the equipment
  • Co-ordinate the training aspects of the various elements of the systems

Supply Management

  • Equipment states i.e. Inventory Status, Audit Trail, Asset Tracking, Software Licencing
  • Bills of Materials to User site(s)
  • Change Management
  • Manage Hand Over resources with engineer(s) through Validation & Performance Testing through to Take On
  • User Documentation to support Hand Over/Take on will as a minimum provide:
  • Final Maintenance Documentation - SLA

Build Management

  • Scheduling and Overseeing factory builds
  • Application Script implementation
  • Ensuring that each element of the hardware appropriately certified as meeting the relevant security regulations
  • Network Analysis – Performance & Accreditation

Support Services Management

  • Production of a Service Level Agreement in accordance with the Requirement
  • Provide for and manage any future Operational Spares Holding that might be agreed
  • Provide for and manage where necessary 4th Line support and all necessary audit trails/registers required including Government Furnished Equipment (GFE)
  • Monitor and provide periodic analysis reports against Service Level Performance Indicators
  • Manage and provide the resources and materials where an upgrade is chosen by the Customer in the future

These services are managed by Prince2 certified staff.