Software Support


Akhter Software Support provides dynamic software services, diagnosing and resolving software problems by assigning suitably skilled technicians to your needs.

If a software incident occurs, our technical specialists can ensure your systems are quickly returned to normal, with as little downtime as possible. Akhter have support agreements in place with the leading software vendors who in turn will provide the necessary support to enable us to resolve your problem.

If required we can offer out-of-hours updating services for your critical applications and security software to ensure your IT systems are running at their best and your assets are safely covered against attacks.


  • Where a software problem occurs your systems are quickly returned to normal operation with negligible downtime.
  • Akhter engineers are available during your chosen support cover period for incident resolution
  • Remote access options are available
  • Agreed escalation process across all relevant parties
  • Onsite software support if your staff and resources are limited or non-existent
  • System restore to last known good state if required