Managed IT Lifecycle Services

Akhter can help you reduce costs through more effective asset management, including optimised central control of assets. Your businesses essential infrastructure changes are looked after and a fixed total cost of ownership for budgeting and planning is provided.


  • Improved control and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through optimised central ownership and management of IT assets
  • Keep an up to date and fit-for-purpose IT infrastructure, with all essential infrastructure upgrades, changes and refresh projects taken care of
  • Reduce IT risks
  • Achieve cost optimisation where capital replacements are timed to reflect the most cost effective lifecycle for maintaining and replacing IT assets
  • Free up IT staff to focus on business strategic project work

Other Benefits

  • Desktop Lifecycle - equipment provision, build, supply install, manage, maintenance, upkeep, disposal
  • Managed Server Solutions - ideal for flexible IT demand requirements