Information Assurance
Framework Facility


The MoD DE&S ISS ICS Catalogue provides the pan government provision of Information Assurance Products & Services. It is an effective and efficient route to market for Information Assured (non High Grade Crypto) products and services for the Ministry of Defence and Public Sector organisations via the IA Section of the Catalogue.

The ICS Catalogue is operated by the Defence Equipment & Support, Information Systems & Services, Commercial Services Team based at Corsham. The IA Section of the ICS Catalogue is the result of an initiative by the Ministry of Defence and supported collaboratively by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), theCentral Sponsor for Information Assurance within the Cabinet Office and CESG (the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance) to ensure that a route to market exists for the protection of information that information systems handle.


Akhter is pleased to advise you that we are enabled suppliers under this enabling agreement and for MoD & Pan Government this represents the approved route for all Information Assurance products & Services (other than High Grade Crypto).

Access to products & services within the scope of the framework is facilitated by P2P

Akhter’s framework enabling agreement number: IA/ISS/480085P2P

Here are just a few of the fully supported products available via the IA Framework Agreement:

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