Managed IT Services

Akhter’s Managed Services offer you the ability to transfer some or all of the day-to-day related management responsibility of your IT systems.

We can tailor services for you that provide from full IT operations management including total systems support, lifecycle management and maintenance activities to remote systems management or even ad-hoc repair.

As a managed services provider of information technology we can assume responsibility for providing a set of services as defined by you or determine what services are needed to fulfill your business criteria. Managed services can provide cost effective and predictable fixed monthly costs for your IT support as well as guaranteed depth of support cover at all times, alleviating the pressure on your business for a large IT support team or the risk associated with a very limited in-house support function.

This section of Akhter’s web will give an insight into some of the most commonly chosen services which in turn can be brought together in a tailored solution to meet almost any needs of your organisation.