System – Storage –
Backup Design & Validation

Our down to earth consultants will identify areas for infrastructure refresh which meet your specified objectives. Akhter consultants work in partnership with your IT staff to create both the logical and physical architectures required to fulfil your business objectives.

We provide a detailed design, identification of business impacts and associated cost schedules. In many cases we can provide a development simulation environment housed at Akhter or at your site. Using this environment we will validate and benchmark specific technological implementations, whether for example it is to demonstrate a migration concept or a technology upgrade or a validation of interoperability with existing applications. 



  • Akhter’s approach to Solutions Design & Validation brings you tried and tested benefits that include:
  • Thoroughly planned and executed design concepts
  • Validated and tested design components and migration concepts
  • Increased internal knowledge share and skills transference from Akhter experts
  • Development of infrastructural processes such as desktop lifecycle, Active Directory management and 'what if' scenarios
  • Assurance of successful production deployment 



Akhter designs solutions incorporating all leading manufacturer technologies, in turn they are tailored to achieve your specified business and IT objectives. Our solutions are tested in a controlled environment, ensuring the impact on your business is fully understood and managed effectively prior to and during the solution deployment.