Managed Storage / Storage as a Service (STaaS)

Storage-as a service is proving increasingly popular as the need to control IT expenditure reduces the opportunity for in-house purchase and management of large storage facilities & costly SAN’s. As business organisations continue to generate vast amounts of data and seek optimum methods to store and protect them, the growth of storage capacities delivered through storage-as-a-service is rivalling traditional storage architectures. copy.managed-storage.jpg

As an extension to Akhter’s Managed Hosting and Co-location services Managed Storage & Storage as a Service offers you easy access to high performance SAN storage on a pay-per-use basis. Various flexible and cost-effective options are available for backup and replication to ensure your data assets and business are fully protected at all times.

Benefit from 

Lower capital costs and reduced support costs. Instead of paying for additional hardware or buying disk space, the rental nature of this service delivers complete flexibility when additional storage is required.


The data storage facility is located and operated from highly secure, environmentally controlled and energy efficient data centres as hosted systems.