Managed Backup /
Backup as a Service

In addition to Akhter’s Managed Hosting and Co-location services, we provide intelligent disk-based backup services to remote secure central storage facilities providing you with daily replication to a separate geographic location. The retention times of your backups will be governed by your needs and can be selected from a range of periods up to 7 years.managed-backup.jpg

Benefit from

A fully managed service providing you with crucial data backup security, supporting business continuity and releasing valuable resource back to the business. Eradicates the issues associated with unreliable tape backups and ensures data is backed up daily on time, automatically and reliably. It alleviates the costs and risks of storing and retrieving tapes from external storage facilities and improves restoration time for a data recovery of all or part of your data.


Priced on an incremental capacity basis, the service costs cover all storage, network and most up to date utility & application software needed to ensure constant protection of your data. Management and reporting of backups is automatically included.