Cloud Services

Akhter’s Managed Hosting & Cloud services offer complete solutions that enable you to reduce capital expenditure and cut operating costs while benefiting from the highest levels of speed, application and systems performance, availability and security.

Ten years ago, if you wanted large company IT, you had to buy your servers and install expensive software. Now, increasingly, you can access these services over the internet. This is a critical change for businesses because it gives you access to services that were previously too complex or potentially very

  • Resilience. With cloud computing, if your computer is stolen, you can carry on working using any other web-connected PC.
  • Reduced IT costs. With less hardware and software to manage, there is less demand for expensive IT support staff. Many online services come with community help and support. Akhter and your in-house staff can focus on supporting the business rather than routine IT management tasks.
  • Security. Data stored in large, well-protected data centres is likely to be safer than information on your laptop or a server in your office.
  • Flexibility. Your costs go up and down according to your requirements. For example, if you use a hosted email server, you pay for each active user, so if your company expands you’ll pay more, but if it downsizes, your costs will fall. Also, if you need to increase capacity very quickly, for example to add more storage for a file sharing service, you can do it easily with cloud-based services.
  • Access to new services. Cloud computing gives you access to advanced technology that may not be available or cost-effective any other way.
  • Easy upgrades. Businesses get access to the latest technology and regular updates without having to deal with the actual upgrade process on their own computers.
  • Best practice IT. Akhter provides high levels of security, reliability and availability compared to that which businesses can manage in-house. For example, Akhter can offer availability service level agreements and ensure that your data is backed up and secure in multiple locations.