IT Solutions & Services

Every Business’s needs differ and methods of working are often specific to the organisation so it will come as no surprise when we say:


“One size fits all” solutions are not viable!

Our approach is straightforward, honest and insightful. We will advise you of the different ways in which you can move forward with your IT infrastructure in a way that best dovetails with your business practices and needs.  What we won’t tell you is that you need to consider a whole new way of working with new skills to be gained or that you need to completely replace your IT & start again to be able to achieve your goals.


There are many different ways for a business to address its current and future computing requirements; these can be as varied as totally outsourced to a simple low cost upgrade of existing IT assets, self-managed to fully managed, fully owned to a cost per user basis. Throughout Akhter’s Solutions section you will find the complete spectrum of IT provision – talk to us we will be able to help.