Email Recovery 


Email is an essential business tool and few businesses can manage without it for any length of time before there is a noticeable impact on business efficiency and success. 

If your mail server fails Akhter’s solution ensures there’s no breakdown between your staff and their customers, suppliers or colleagues. You will be able to send and receive email by simply switching to your dedicated recovery service, accessing emails from any Internet connection.


  • No loss of email services
  • No data losses
  • SPAM filtering and anti-virus protection included with your  recovery mail services


Akhter Mail Recovery Services protect against email outage using a web interface for instant access to on-going email communication and a rolling history of external emails. It means that if a mail server should fail, your staff will still be able to send and receive email and respond to emails recently received, by simply logging into the recovery mail service. All that is required is an Internet connection.