Central Government


Akhter Computers is an accredited Central Government Information Assurance supplier. Working closely with manufacturers we ensure that you have the latest IT security products combined with the highest levels of specialist service.

Our Central Government expertise consists of highly trained personnel specialising in the provision of Information Assured Technology to central government departments. Working closely with our partners’ central government teams, Akhter is able to guide you to the most cost effective route of realising your IT objectives yet being assured you are operating within the legal requirements metered on your organisation. Central Government departments can automatically purchase via the MoD ICS catalogue framework agreement.


The ICS Catalogue is operated by the Defence Equipment & Support, Information Systems & Services, Commercial Services Team based at Corsham. The IA Section of the ICS Catalogue is the result of an initiative by the Ministry of Defence and supported collaboratively by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), the Central Sponsor for Information Assurance within the Cabinet Office and CESG (the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance) to ensure that a route to market exists for the protection of information that information systems handle.

Akhter is pleased to advise you that we are enabled suppliers under this enabling agreement and for MoD & Pan Government this represents the approved route for all Information Assurance products & Services (other than High Grade Crypto).