Software Applications Control


Sanctuary Application Control

Lumension® Application Control (Formerly SAnCtuAry) enables you to prevent the execution of malicious code utilizing application whitelisting. This approach allows only authorised applications to run on laptops, PCs, servers, terminal services servers and thin clients without relying on antivirus signature-updates, freeing up network bandwidth and IT resources.

Lumension® Application Control provides:

  • Endpoint protection from malware without relying on signature updates
  • Optimised IT support with decreased helpdesk calls to support unauthorised software
  • Improved system availability and service levels by preventing known and unknown threats
  • Audit-readiness with detailed tracking of all application execution attempts and policy changes


Key Features:

  • Application Whitelisting
  • Automated Application Discovery
  • Standard File Definitions
  • Automatic Authorization of Software Updates
  • Script / Macro Protection
  • Flexible File Authorization
  • Local Authorization
  • Spread Check
  • Offline Computer Protection
  • Active Directory and eDirectory Support


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