Secure Remote User(s) Connectivity


SafeDial+ with V.90 Modem (UK) Enhanced Embattle


Specifically designed for the UK government and MoD, SafeDial+ is an encryptor PC card for securing remote access connections and peer-to-peer communications between two PCs. It helps protect sensitive and Protectively Marked information against hackers and espionage.

Employing a strong, hardware-based encryption engine, SafeDial+ is available with a strong government cipher and is CAPS-certified at Enhanced Grade, making it suitable for protecting information classified up to Short Term SECRET.

Key Features:

  • All cryptographic functions are invisible to the user
  • Eliminate security risks for remote users
  • Dial-up connectivity via PSTN, ISDN or GSM
  • IP connectivity via fixed or wireless networks including Broadband
  • Tamper resistant design
  • Approved for UK Government ‘Enhanced Grade’ use
  • UK Government approved algorithms
  • Soft-loadable custom algorithm capability
  • PC Card design for easy installation into laptops; optional adapter available for desktop PCs


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