Hard Disk Wiping


Blancco DATA Erasure Software

Blancco HMG Software v4.10 permanently wipes all data from a hard disk to RESTRICTED, CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET and TOP SECRET levels.

Blancco HMG Software v4.10 is specifically tailored for Desktops, Laptops, Server and Data Centre environments, it will overwrite data from any size of ATA/IDE/SCSI/SAS/USB/SATA/Fibre Channel and FireWire drives.

In addition, the software erases all hidden/locked areas on a hard disk such as DCO, HPA and remapped sectors.

Once the hard disk(s) are cleaned, the software automatically generates a detailed erasure report (example attached) with Hardware Asset Management information that meets and exceeds governmental regulatory requirements.

Blancco HMG Software v4.10 is CESG Certified and approved for UK Government use at both Lower and Higher Overwriting Standards (refer to HMG Information Assurance Standard No.5).


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