Access Security Products


CASQUE User Token

CASQUE has realisation in three main components:

1. Active Processor token (CASQUE Responder)
2. Standalone Administration System (SAS)
3. Server Host Routines/API

Users can access the system wherever they happen to be, providing they have their CASQUE Optical Responder and a light-emitting screen, e.g. CRT workstations, TFT laptops or PDAs or Next Generation screens, e.g. PDPs (Plasma), FEDs (Field Emission), or LEPs (Polymer).

Key Features

  • Does not need to interfere with the user workstation operating system or hard disk
  • Operates at highest layer: it does not disturb firewalls, IP configurations, network topologies
  • Does not need special smart card or biometric readers
  • CASQUE Responders are not necessarily restricted because they do not contain complete keys
  • No built-in time expiry and no time synchronisation difficulties
  • Does not need for special operating system agents to be deployed
  • Not dependent on public/private key technology and does not need certificates nor third party issuing authorities
  • Allows users to move from NT to Linux to Sun with no need to purchase new licences


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ProtectTools Authentication Services

HP ProtectTools Authentication Services provides configurable components designed to mitigate security risks. Designed to enhance the authentication by using a customer unique password hashing system, ensuring managed change of administration passwords, providing last successful and unsuccessful login information, and enabling multiple login denial and timed auto log-out.

Service Features include

  • Password Hashing
  • Password Management
  • Login Auditing
  • Auto-logoff Screensaver


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Enterprise Device Access Manager (EDAM) Licence

HP ProtectTools Enterprise Device Access Manager provides device control and centralised management of client machines fully integrated with Active Directory. Suitable for Servers, PCs and Notebooks in an enterprise environment.

HP ProtectTools Enterprise Device Access Manager provides enterprise wide control of devices reducing the risk of electronic data theft and the threat posed by executable code.


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Sanctuary Device Control

Lumension® Device Control (formerly SAnCtuAry) provides policy-based enforcement of removable device use to control the flow of inbound and outbound data from your endpoints. By employing a whitelist approach, Sanctuary Device Control enables only authorised devices to connect to a network, laptop, thin client or desktop. Unauthorised device access is prohibited by default.

Lumension® Device Control provides:

  • Enforcement of removable device usage and data encryption policies
  • Central management of devices and data using a whitelist / “default deny” approach
  • Enablement of productivity-enhancing tools while limiting the potential for data leakage and its impact


Key Features:

  • Whitelist / “Default Deny”
  • Policy Enforced Encryption for Removable Storage Data Copy Restriction
  • File Type Filtering
  • Temporary / Scheduled Access
  • Context-Sensitive Permissions
  • Centralised Management / Administrators’ Roles
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Tamper-proof Agent
  • Flexible / Scalable Architecture


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DeviceLock Enterprise

DeviceLock prevents the unauthorised transfer of information assets via uncontrolled peripheral devices, removable media, or wireless ports; and protects the corporate network from device-delivered malware and inappropriate data.

DeviceLock is a centrally managed endpoint software solution that enforces peripheral PC port and device access policy with fine-grained precision, while providing detailed auditing and advanced shadow copy options. With DeviceLock, IT management is able to balance data security and compliance concerns with user productivity and convenience factors.


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