The Company was founded in 1979 by Humayun Mughal CEO as a distributor of computer products and associated peripherals. In 1981, realising the niche market potential of UK manufactured computer products; the Company began to produce disk drive
sub-systems for BBC computers. By 1987 the Company was manufacturing the first range of `Akhter' Personal Computers at its Harlow premises.

Akhter won its first significant contract in 1987, to supply personal computers to the Open University, followed in 1988 by a £1.2 million contract for PC’s from the RAF. In 1991 Akhter was awarded its first major contract from the MoD. Akhter has continued successfully with contracts for MoD work and used this experience to extend its client base to include other central government organisations.akhter-house.jpg

During 1988, the business was restructured with the Company becoming the holding company for Akhter Computers plc. Akhter Computers took over the Company's design and manufacturing operations while Microsales was established to continue to sell a wide range of computer peripherals and bought in products including power supplies. In the same year Akhter Computers opened further facilities in Burnley, Lancashire and Microsales opened a sales office in Basingstoke to support the `M4 Electronics Corridor'.

By 1991 the business had grown significantly and a second personal computer manufacturing facility was installed at the Burnley site. The Group's product portfolio was also expanding to include, in addition to basic hardware and software packages, notebooks, fully integrated systems and the provision of installation, networking, training and support services. 

In 1993, Akhter Computers developed the CADDI removable hard disk drive sub-system representing a significant achievement for the Group's product development function. To date, over 38,000 CADDIs have been sold either as individual units or as part of a personal computer system, both to the MoD and to customers in other sectors such as education.








From 1995, recognising the opportunities presented by structural and technological changes in a number of niche markets, and in order to broaden its customer base, the Group began increasing market penetration of its products and services into the education, healthcare, law enforcement, corporate and OEM sectors.

In 1997 the Group upgraded its Harlow production facilities and now has four semi-automated production lines at Akhter House. As part of this process the Group was also able to replace the production lines at Burnley.

Akhter Computers designs and assembles hardware including personal computers, notebooks, fileservers and data storage systems, develops software and provides design, installation and maintenance services. The Company works closely with its customers to provide customised computer solutions, including hardware and software, product development, project management, network management & consultancy and aftersales support.