Company Overview

Every modern organisation is under constant pressure to manage costs, to mitigate risks and to maintain compliance with industry and legal regulations

In pursuit of this reduction in ICT cost, reduced risk and improved performance, organisations are looking beyond the in-house infrastructure support and seeking the help of solutions providers who fully understand modern business problems and the IT services that resolve them.


A trusted IT partner who assists, maintains and manages the technology which delivers your business goals is no longer a luxury, but a fundamental business tool.

Akhter has developed a range of flexible managed IT Support Services to help you meet compliance, support delivery of business objectives, mitigate risks, reduce costs and improve performance while protecting your existing assets, long term IT resource and people investments.

Customers from Public sector, Education, Defence and Corporate already enjoy a range of full service wraps from a wide portfolio of services provided as a part of Akhter’s solutions provision. Plus, with a range of IT support solutions from traditional fix to a fully outsourced end to- end service, we offer the breadth and flexibility to deliver additional business value to any IT department.

company-overview-pic2.jpgAll our services are continuously monitored and controlled using industry best practice, via accreditation to ISO9001:2008 Quality Assurance & through ISO20000-1:2005 IT Service Management. You can be assured that we will competently look after your services, risk, security, quality and customer satisfaction as Akhter is confident that it can provide your IT services to the exacting standards you expect.

A Positive Contribution to Education

At Akhter, we care passionately about the teaching and learning opportunities that technology brings to students of all ages and capabilities. Since Akhter was founded in the late 1970s, we have made a positive contribution to education. To emphasize this, at curriculum level, we have created computing solutions that are used to complement and enhance the teaching process forcompany-overview-pic3.jpg students of all capabilities.

Education, the Internet and the Community

We are always aiming for continuous innovation in education - drawing on our rich knowledge base to develop the solutions that education needs to take teaching and learning further among students. Today, our investment in education continues, we are partnering education in new initiatives that are designed to place IT at the heart of education in the UK and as a key resource for the wider community. We are designing, building, installing & supporting network computing systems that enable schools and colleges to experience all aspects of modern teaching and learning as well as extending this opportunity beyond the school gates.

From ICT to Solar Energy Plants

Whether it is driving down the costs associated with technology investment whilst providing infrastructures that enable education to gain the maximum benefits from their IT investments, with the support of education, we aim to establish a platform to enhance the teaching and learning experience in our schools and in our communities. Akhter welcomes taking initiatives, such as our Solar Energy program, that bring long term benefits to the welfare and development of our generation and generations to come.

The Value of Partnership

Today’s customers are increasingly sophisticated in their choice of computing technology. However, there are occasions when even the most discerning client can benefit from our support and advice.

In the corporate market in particular, we believe strongly in the value of partnership to help develop andcompany-overview-pic4.jpg implement effective IT strategies. Drawing on our own experience, we listen carefully to our customers to understand their business and make informed recommendations on how technologies can best realise their objectives, maximise their ROI & control the TCO.

With our long term relationships with many of the world’s leading technology suppliers, we are in the unique position to provide valuable insight into future developments and their impact on the market and their business.

In the competitive business world, we are continuously expanding our services to support businesses with best of breed solutions. Of course, we can provide the most advanced hardware, but increasingly we are helping our customers to manage their ICT investment in other important areas.