Case studies


Examples of successful project engagement

These case studies show how organisations have successfully fulfilled their specific requirements after engaging Akhter. They demonstrate better performance & value for money, which in turn increases productivity and reduces costs for the respective organisations.


Defence & Government

Baha Mousa Public Inquiry

The Secretary of State for Defence formally set up the Baha Mousa Public Inquiry on 1 August 2008 as an independent Inquiry under the Inquiries Act 2005. The high profile nature of the Inquiry, its press and TV coverage worldwide and the sensitive nature of the information required throughout the duration of a two year Public Inquiry dictated that a competent full service provider with proven track record in delivering multiple skills quickly, accurately and efficiently was essential to the credibility of the Inquiry.

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Gibraltar Barracks

The Gibraltar IT infrastructure consisted of a large number of servers running a mix of NT4 and W2000 server operating systems, approximately 500 workstations running various versions of Windows XP Pro and a variety of office and business critical applications that had become difficult to operate and support within the Mod network. Predominately their messaging and collaboration system was based on Microsoft Exchange 5.5 and there security model had become ineffective. 

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HQ Land Command

In Jul 10 Defence Reserve (Def Res) allocated funding to support an Urgent Operational Requirement to provide a Counter Improvised Explosive Device Information Management and Information Exploitation (C-IED IM/IX) Training Solution to enable pre-deployment training (PDT) for personnel deploying on Op HERRICK.

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Bishop Douglass School

Bishop Douglass school was awarded specialist Science status in September 2007 and received an outstanding Ofsted report in the following January. The school’s fortunes changed largely due to a policy of empowering teachers and developing a safe environment with quality equipment which is conducive to teaching and learning. As part of integrating IT into the learning process for all students, the network manager was tasked with fitting out six classrooms with PCs for the first time.

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Cedars Upper School

Cedars Upper School is a large, vibrant and exciting school with a mission to continue to develop as one of the highest achieving, open, forward looking, creative, supportive, and exciting comprehensive schools in the country. A total solution was required as the suite needed a full refit with desks and wiring and the installation of a full network of PCs, a supplier that would take on the entire project was required. Work on the previous suite had required a lot of senior teachers time to co-ordinate the multiple agencies involved.

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Reading School

Akhter has been serving Reading School since1998. Over the years, it has installed networks in the School and Boarding Houses and has carried out a huge amount of cabling work, including fibre runs and wireless pockets that are sympathetic to the listed buildings’ architecture. Akhter has also installed user friendly network management software and helped to configure Microsoft SharePoint on the network to provide the infrastructure for curriculum delivery. Most recently, it has supplied innovative desks for Reading School’s Learning Resource Centre.

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