UTN Solutions Ltd

UTN Solutions is the provider of a range of predominantly green oriented consumer products for Ultima Networks plc. 

It has a number of Trading Styles / Brands for consumers to purchase a broad spectrum of products ranging from electric bikes, educational electronic kits through to energy saving lamps and a lot more. 




PowaCycle is the brand name for a range of high quality electric bikes such as the Infineum range and is one of the trading styles of Ultima Networks PLC.

Powacycle Riga LPX Infineum Extreme LPX



www.powacycle.co.uk www.infineumbike.co.uk


SaverLamp is the brand of high quality energy saving lamps for both end users and resellers/dealers. The product range has been specifically designed to help save money and play a part in protecting the environment.





 Cambridge Brainbox

The Cambridge BrainBox brand is a range of educational learning kits designed to engage young people in a range of activities and aimed at teaching basic principles, whether it be of electrical/electronic principles or simply  to constructional capabilities. UTN Solutions make these products available to the general public, Schools & resellers.




UTN Solutions Ltd


Akhter House, Perry Road, Harlow, Essex, CM18 7PN 
Tel: 01279 821200 • Fax: 01279 821300