Silicon CPV plc

A UK developer and leading provider of both conventional PV and concentrated PV renewable energy technology solutions, Silicon CPV plc has been ensuring consistent delivery of ground-breaking technology designs for commercial and power generating organisations for over 10years.


Silicon CPV was the first UK Company to design cost effective, commercial grade Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar Arrays. The company has worked continuously with Universities around the world since 1995, funding research projects to bring emerging silicon technologies to commercial reality. These investments provide it with the ability to leap frog almost all other commercially available solutions and boast lower cost/watt and higher radiation conversion per area of silicon. Both of which bring significant cost savings to this renewable energy area.

Silicon CPV plc was founded out of the successful Akhter Group based in the UK. The Akhter Group was formed in 1979 by Professor Humayun Mughal and is a successful long established company in the electronics, semiconductor and IT field.Driven by a passion for alternative clean energy solutions and growing pressures to reduce worldwide Carbon emissions, Professor Mughal founded Silicon CPV plc with the goal of designing and manufacturing solar power plants and products, primarily based on Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) technologies. 


Silicon CPV plc

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