Akhter Solar Pakistan Ltd

Akhter Solar Pakistan is the manufacturing base for PV solar panels. The manufacturing facility located near Islamabad in Pakistan has state-of-the-art automated PV module manufacturing capability.

akhter-pakistan-pic1.jpgThe facility was first developed in 2005 following a significant investment in the most advanced automated PV plant equipment available in the world.
Following an extensive trialling and testing period the Akhter Solar manufacturing facility produced its first certified panels, in all their various formats and capacities, from 2006 onwards.


In the developing international solar market Akhter is now recognized as one of the market makers with a wealth of invaluable experience and knowledge in the design and volume manufacture of PV solar panels.Consequently over the past 4 years Akhter has been invited on a number of occasions as the keynote speaker in international solar energy symposiums. Manufactured at the Company’s production facility in Pakistan, the modules utilize Polycrystalline Silicon Cells providing energy conversion efficiencies up to 16%.



The PV modules employ Glass-Tedlar technology. The Polycrystalline Silicon cells are embedded in flexible transparent EVA to resist UV and protect the cells from etching, ensuring superb reliability whatever the operating climate. The modules are protected by highly transparent tempered glass to provide excellent protection against adverse environmental conditions such as rain, snow, hail, ice and storms. The back of the module is sealed with high quality Tedlar and the entire laminate is installed within an anodized aluminium frame to provide structural strength and ease of installation. Holes in the hollow section prevent the build-up of condensation and damage to the frame from freezing. 



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